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Australian Bush Flower Essences For Cats (ABFE)

Similar to Bach Flower Remedies, the Aussie Bush Flower Essences are the Australian version of flower essences.  I have found that using Australian Bush Flower Essences on my cats works really well for emotional issues – as well and physical. 


Australian Bush Flower Essences For Cats. Full information on the Flower Remedies, how they work, how to dose to pets, where to buy etc.


About Australia Bush Flower Remedies

ABFE’S were developed in Australia by Naturopath Ian White B.Sc.,N.D.,D.B.M. Ian White began working in New South Wales as a naturopath and took an interest in using the English Bach Flower Remedies.As a fifth generation Australian herbalist, he was also aware of the possibility of using Australian flowers in the same way.

Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian WhiteIn the early 1980s White took part in a weekly healing and meditation circle with his wife and friends. He states that, after a couple of months, guidance on the Australian Bush Flower Essences started coming through to him. While he was meditating and took the form of mental pictures of a certain plant, plus a place in which he could prepare its Essence.

He claims he was given an understanding of the healing properties of the plant; if he was unfamiliar with a plant, its botanical name would appear beneath the image in his mind. He would then go out and prepare the Essence from that plant.

White ended up producing 50 individual flower essences and claimed that they worked extremely well on patients of his naturopathy practice. To date there are sixty nine individual remedies along with different combinations of essence for particular issues, available for purchase. via wikipedia

Pictured to the right is Ian White’s book – Australian Bush Flower Essences, which I personally found not only to be educational – but a really REALLY enjoyable read, too!

Australian Bush Flower Essences For Cats

Australian Bush Flower Essences

How To Use Australian Bush Flower Essences for Cats

I do often use Australian Bush Flower Essences on my cats (and all my other animals), and they seem to work very well. Well, cats are such energetic beings, it is no surprise really! I have seen quite interesting results from Flower Essences. So I love to keep a stock of them in my cupboard, for whenever anything crops up.

It is easy to learn how to use the Australian Bush Flower Essences for cats, other animals and humans too. Flower Essences are completely safe and natural. The patient will only take in what their body needs at any given point of time, so they do no harm if the wrong one is selected.

Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower EssencesFor a book with an amazing amount of information, that is inspirational, I highly recommend Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences by Marie Matthews.

“Carefully researched and comprehensive, this reference gives extraordinary insights into the emotional world of animals and explores the healing powers of Australian Bush Flower Essences.Providing practical hints for keeping creatures fit and happy as well as dealing with health and behavior problems, this helpful guide offers naturopathic remedies that are both safe and time saving.

Exploring a variety of case studies, particular Australian Bush Flower Essences are recommended to support sound management, balanced diet, and exercise by stabilizing the energy that is essential for the well-being of animals.

While this handbook focuses primarily on dogs, cats, horses, and birds, more exotic creatures are covered in the Repertory of Symptoms section offered at the close.”

My Australian Bush Flower Essences

My ABFE Shelf

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