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Cat Scratching Posts Plans!

If your cat is scratching at and damaging your home furnishings, and you do not have a scratching post for her, then you need to get one. Scratching is very much a natural feline behavior. Without a cat scratching post of her own, it won’t matter what you do, you cat will keep on scratching at things.

Cat Scratching Posts Plans

Cat Scratching Posts

The sad thing is they don’t realize how we humans cherish our furniture and possessions, and they seem to love to use most “damageable” surfaces, such as your favorite armchair and your beautiful couch.

Why Do Cats Scratch Things?

Cats scratch for many reasons. Scratching removes the dead outer sheath from their claws. This is part of their whole grooming and cleanliness routine. Cats also scratch in order to mark their own territory., and cats also scratch to flex and exercise their muscles.

Scratching is something that a cat needs to do. Which means that instead of trying to stop your cat scratching, you’re only hope of keeping your furniture safe and intact is to offer her a quality cat scratching tree so she can do what cats do so well, and not get into trouble for it.

What Sort Of Scratching Post?

Try to make sure you give your kitty a safe and solid cat scratching post. Cats take pleasure in surfaces that are a little bit rough. A portion from a tree branch could possibly work well, and might even look really nice as well if you take your time over it’s selection.

You can buy cat scratching posts from most pet shops, and the come in a massive range of quality, size, shape and design. There can be ledges, ladders, swings and hammocks and all sorts of other attachments. But you don’t really need a fancy one – as long as there is a good length of post for your cat to stretch her full length out on, and maybe a shelf to sleep on.

Cat scratching trees with sisal rope covered surfaces are very good, and ordinary carpet is also great for a kitty to scratch on.

Your cat scratching pole really should be high enough for your cat so she is able to expand her body right out for a really good stretch. Avoid buying scratching trees having smooth surface areas, as a cat will most likely not use them. Your cat scratching tree should also be secure, and not easy to knock over when your cat hits it at full run when she gets the “zoomies”.

Teach Your Cat To Use The Scratching Post

Make A Cat Scratching Post Plans

Once you have your cat tree,  you need to teach her to scratch on the scratching post, instead of any household furniture. Initially, put the cat scratching tree close to areas where your cat tends to do her scratching. Once your cat gets used to her new cat tree, you can move it to where you would like it to sit permanently.

If your cat won’t use the cat scratching tree and shows preference to keep using the furniture, you can try covering her favorite scratching spots with something not really good to scratch at, to discourage her. The places your cat has marked with scratches will have her odor on them, therefore you may need to remove the odor to further discourage her from scratching there again.

You can buy special pet odor neutralizers in most pet outlets and supermarkets. If that doesn’t work, you can try placing orange or lemon peel around your cat’s previous scratching areas, because most cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so it should deter her.

If you supply a really good cat scratching post, not only will your cat adore you for it, your furniture will remain free of scratches and tears.

Make Your Own Scratching Post – Plans

There is a very wide range of scratching posts available, have a browse on Amazon and see if anything appeals to you here: Cat Scratching Posts. You can have a look at all the different options, and even use what you see to build your own cat tree.

If you are short of money, check out this site that has complete, professionally laid out plans for people to cheaply make a cat scratching post for their cat. This is a good option, because you get to have free reign with the design, textures and colors of the scratching post.


It is a great deal, click here to go to the website: Cat Scratching Post Plans.



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