Feline Vaccinations

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Feline Vaccinations

The vaccine debate has been raging for years … Do vaccines work? Are vaccines dangerous. Do vaccinations cause health problems…

Below I have added the information from my Ragdoll breeder website, on exactly how I feel about vaccinations and vaccinating my cats.

Please note that this is my personal feelings. I believe that people should be able to make up their own minds how they want to manage the health of their animals, and not have other peoples views forced upon them. My Ragdoll kittens are not given any chemical (standard) feline vaccinations at all.

In lieu, I use Homeopathic Nosodes. I am very passionately against chemical vaccination, I firmly believe the risks far outweigh any dubious benefits, and have come to the conclusion that I ethically cannot inject toxic poisons into my baby kittens. The effect of a vaccination on a kitten’s immune system can be quite devastating.

For anyone wanting straight forward and verifiable information on problems with vaccines I have a video you should watch. Click here for The Hidden Truth – Vaccination Documentary

In any young animal, a baby kitten’s immune system has barely begun to function, and even at 4 months of age, it is only really just getting started. Vaccination deals a huge insult to this developing immune system, bombarding it with (apart from multiple diseases at once) a toxic cocktail of chemicals injected directly into the body.

* Why are our pets vaccinated with boosters every year, when our children are not?

The answer is – simply because they can! They would never get away with it for our children. Pets are a huge cash cow, boosters get people into vet’s surgeries where they are then sold further chemical products for worming, fleas and commercial junk food. Scientific research shows that boosters serve NO purpose at all and are actually detrimental to any immunity already present. In the US, a lot of vets changed vaccine protocols years ago to 3 yearly instead of annually; it should have been for life – but this 3 year compromise was to prevent vets from losing too much income. Australian vets have yet to decide this hotly debated issue…

Feline Vaccinations

Shots For Cats

If you decide to vaccinate a kitten, you should at least wait until the kitten is a minimum of four months old, but I fervently hope you will educate yourself further before making such a decision, as your baby’s long term health is at risk. Many breeders and new kitten owners report adverse reactions and death from vaccination which show up in the day or two after the vaccine is administered.


However, and this is important, there are not so many who have the insight to relate later health problems to vaccinating. Health problems related to vaccinations are many and varied; and include a wide range of auto-immune diseases, fears and behavioural problems, asthma, allergies, cancers etc. In my opinion, this is the area that should cause us the most concern. Vaccine damage is real and widely documented.

READ: Natural Immunity, Why You Should Not Vaccinate by Pat McKay

I believe that vaccines do not work, and not only do they not work, they cause chronic illness, in our pets and in our children. We are led to believe that vaccines eradicated various human diseases?

This in fact, is an absolute lie, the information has been skewed to only give us a small picture of the whole data. Please click here and have a look at graphs that show these diseases were declining many, many years BEFORE the introduction of vaccines (you will have to scroll down). This information, if nothing else, should cause you to start questioning what we are being told and encourage you to looking deeper.

* Why is the Feline Leukaemia Vaccine recommended by vets when this disease is relatively rare? …and…

Quote: “In cats, researchers have known for the last ten years about the correlation between vaccines and a malignant tumor. This particular tumor arises where the vaccines are commonly given, in the area of loose skin at the back of the neck, or in the back of the hind leg. It appears to be uniformly fatal, even with extensive surgery. And it has been clearly associated with two particular vaccines, rabies and feline leukemia. Finally, in 2000, recognizing the clear cause and effect relationship between vaccination and this cancer, the disease was renamed by the research community. It is now officially called Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma.

This vaccine sarcoma is so common in cats, that instead of NOT giving the vaccine, the manufacturers recommend that the injection be given in a hind limb, so if the cat gets this fatal cancer – the limb can be amputated and the cat possibly saved. How ludicrous is that! It should be noted that Feline Leukaemia is very difficult to contract – especially with an indoor cat, as it requires body fluid transfer.

A cat with a naturally healthy immune system, that is raised and fed on a varied and wholesome raw food diet, and supported by correctly administered supplements and Homeopathy when needed, will be able to handle most diseases it is likely to encounter and thereby strengthen it’s immune system and gain natural immunity for life.

Feline Vaccinations - Kitten Vaccines

Are Kitten Shots Dangerous?

Please be aware that the other side of vaccination is not widely known or publicized. Vaccines are a massive money maker for the producers, distributors and vets.This is something you should investigate yourself, and make up your own mind what you think is best for the long and healthy life of your animal, AND YOUR CHILDREN.

Cannabinoids For Cat Health

Please realize that there is no money in publicity for non-vaccination whilst their is massive publicity using scare tactics to encourage you to spend your money on an ever increasing array of vaccines. There is plenty of information available to show you the bad side of vaccines if you look for it, and I have listed some links below, which I sincerely hope you take the time to browse:

Vaccine Ingredients: The damage, including brain damage, resulting from these toxins can vary from mild enough not to be apparent, through to severe, in some cases death.

Vaccine Adjuvants: Adjuvants are chemical substances which are added to vaccines to “boost” immune response, but many of them are known to cause a range of serious side-effects.

Disturbing Documentary: Vaccination – The Hidden Truth

READ: Natural Immunity, Why You Should Not Vaccinate by Pat McKay

There are Internet discussion groups I can recommend for people who want to find out more. I urge you to join the Truth About Vaccines Yahoo group, which has very helpful members, some who have generations of unvaccinated animals, others who are struggling with health problems caused by vaccinations in their pets, and also people who just want to ask simple questions. You can ask questions here and will get informed, helpful and experienced support.

Here are some links which will give some insight as to why I am so much against vaccinations: Please, please do have a peep at a few of these links…

If you have children – the same applies to vaccinations for People – Here is a very informative Australian website, if you would like to look into this issue:

Vaccination Information Service will inform you primarily about the key fundamentals, indeed critical flaws, of vaccination (or “immunisation”) that apply to every type of vaccine – for children, adults (travel vaccines and other) and all animals. So it applies to the influenza or flu vaccine, polio vaccine, hepatitis b vaccine, chicken pox vaccine, hpv vaccine, small pox vaccination, anthrax vaccine, DPT and MMR vaccines, pneumonia vaccine, dog vaccination, rabies vaccination, yellow fever vaccination, etc etc.


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