Natural Immunity Chapter 1

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Natural Immunity Why You Should Not Vaccinate

a book by Pat McKay – Chapter 1

Natural Immunity Pat McKay Chapter 1



Pat McKay: For years I have felt that vaccinations caused much of the illness in the world. The fear, guilt and intimidation put upon us by the medical community, the media and politicians would certainly lead you to believe otherwise. However, after hearing Viera Scheibner, PhD (Natural Sciences), speak out in total opposition to vaccinations, I knew my feelings were true. She had solid medical proof, after going through some 30,000 pages of medical papers dealing with vaccines, that there is no evidence of their effectiveness or safety.

We as the guardians of our animals and children have the responsibility and the obligation to protect our loved ones. Just because some “authority” figure says this is what you must do, don’t succumb; ask questions; ask for medical proof; get a second opinion. Your loyalty is to your animal and your child, not to rules, regulations and laws by a politician or a doctor.

When you read Dr Viera Scheibner’s book, Vaccination, 100 Years of Orthodox Research Show that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System; Eustace Mullins’ book, Murder By Injection; and Dr John Fudens’ book, The Affinity Holistic Clinic’s Layman IS Handbook to Holistic Care, you will know that making vaccinations mandatory is not about protecting our animals and children, but about money and greed.

What happened to the part of the Hippocratic oath that states: “…to work for the good of the patient, to do him or her no harm, to prescribe no deadly drugs, to give no advice that could cause death … “? In this world of drugs we are getting far afield from taking care of our bodies in a common-sense, naturally healthy way.

Everyone wants a quick fix! We have been led to believe that vaccinations are just that.

Yet over and over, animals and children come down with the very disease for which they were vaccinated. So why do people continue to give them? Because the medical and the political bureaucracies promote vaccines, while rationalizing and denying the devastating effects of them.

More than 100 years ago vaccines were described in medical journals to be noxious substances ” … and that when injected into the blood stream they do not immunize, they sensitize,” causing allergies, respiratory problems and other autoimmune diseases.

If you are waiting for the medical community to discontinue vaccinations, it won’t happen.

Now, I don’t believe for a moment that any medical doctor would knowingly give vaccines if they believed it would make your loved one ill. However …

  1. They are force-fed statistics in medical school and it continues throughout their practice from the pharmaceutical companies
  2. Studies, tests, and research are made to favor pro-vaccination in the same way as the tobacco industries’ studies do concerning cigarettes
  3. Doctors are also in fear of liability because vaccinations are presently the accepted norm
  4. Much of their income comes from vaccinations
  5. It is often that very vaccination that causes the child or the animal to come back again as a patient with illnesses caused by the vaccines they were given, which perpetuates the physician’s practice; and foremost
  6. The majority of medical doctors just don’t entertain any conscious thought about the deadly effects of vaccines.

I often hear that “My dog, cat or child has had vaccinations and they are okay.” How do you know? The body harbors many of these illnesses for years. We have no idea what the incubation period is or how long the body holds these poisons in abeyance.

A few months ago, an old smallpox vaccine came out on my thigh as a skin cancer. I was given that vaccination fifty years ago. I knew it was from the vaccination, because when it first came out it formed the same type of scab and angry redness over the scarred area. What a memory the body has.

The more you give vaccinations the more the body succumbs. I equate it to being hit with a bat. The first few times you keep getting up; then you realize that every time you get up you get hit with the bat again, so for survival you don’t get up any more. With vaccines, the immune system keeps trying to “get up” by showing signs of simple, acute problems, but finally after being hit over and over again with vaccines, antibiotics and steroids, it just doesn’t respond anymore. Then the serious autoimmune problems take over within the system and most often it is years before you outwardly see the symptoms.

Richard H Pitcairn, DVM, PhD (Immunology), warns, “If I may venture to make a prediction, it is that fifty to one hundred years from now, people will look back at the practice of introducing disease into people and animals for the purpose of preventing these same diseases as foolishness … a foolishness similar to that of the practice of blood letting and the use of toxic doses of mercury in the treatment of disease.”

Viera Scheibner, PhD, “The well-vaccinated United States is experiencing epidemics of infectious diseases in fully vaccinated children. No amount of denial and underreporting will cover up the one most obvious fact, namely, that vaccines do not work.”

Pat McKay: All beings were created with a marvelous immune system. If we take care of this omnipotent system the way we should, it, in turn, will take care of us. People and animals who start eating fresh, raw foods, get plenty of exercise and practice natural health care will immediately begin to flourish. This is the way to take care of our immune systems.

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