Natural Immunity Chapter 5

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Natural Immunity Why You Should Not Vaccinate

a book by Pat McKay – Chapter 5

Natural Immunity Pat McKay Chapter 5


The Vaccination Connection by Sue Marston

Foreword by Emil Levine, MD

P i: The first time I heard Sue Marston speak about vaccines I was impressed. She has a remarkable grasp of the issue and has investigated the subject more thoroughly than most doctors ever will. It isn’t the job of the physician to investigate the effectiveness or danger of a vaccine. If it gets by the Food and Drug Administration, most doctors will administer it. The researcher whose job it is to determine the safety or efficacy of a drug cannot draw a correct conclusion until it has been tested on thousands of people.

Even then, the effects of the vaccines and other drugs may not present themselves immediately, perhaps not showing up until the next decade or the next generation. Therefore it is your responsibility, as the recipients of these potentially lethal substances to investigate them for your own sake and for the sake of your children. Ms Marston has done an excellent job of gathering the facts with references which can be verified.

Sue Marston has two important credentials which entitle her to write about vaccines. First, she is not a doctor.

The fact that she is a lay person is what qualifies her.

Whether intentional or not, the attitudes of some physicians who speak publicly intimidate the lay person into believing that only a doctor can know or recommend anything about health. As one of the most powerful lobbies in the country, doctors have succeeded in making it illegal, or at least very risky, for anyone other than a doctor of allopathic medicine (treatment of symptoms) to make recommendations regarding your health; they study disease. With the exception of very minor references to food in their courses of study, doctors are not even required to study nutrition. It is the responsibility and the right of each individual to make informed decisions regarding his or her own health. You have probably heard one side of the vaccination issue. In this book you have the opportunity to read the other.

Ms Marston’s second qualification for writing her booklet is her ability to discern fact from popular fiction. She obviously has invested, too, the hard work and dedication required to locate and interpret the essential reference materials.

Anyone with an open and inquisitive mind can pick up The Wall Street Journal and read between the lines when a headline states that an inherited genetic mutation can cause cancer, while another sentence in the same article states that the mutation is believed to have been caused by an environmental agent or diet. What environmental agent? Could it be something in our air, in our water – in our vaccines? It is in the best interests of the pharmaceutical companies, their sister industries and offspring charities, to convince the trusting public that they need to find a cure for a mutant gene or that they need to conduct expensive tests to find these genes.

It is more profitable for them to build more high-tech facilities for conducting these tests than it is for them to clean up the “environmental agent” or admit that our polluted ecosystem, the deleterious effects of vaccines and other petrochemical products and lack of know ledge about diet are causing the majority of our ills. It is more profitable to convince new parents that their babies need to be injected with blood, sera, bacteria from diseased animals, formaldehyde, and other known poisons, than to encourage them to enhance their babies I immune systems by feeding them natural and chemical-free whole foods.

Those who benefit from maintaining the status quo will try to convince you that the reason the death rate is so high for children in Third World countries (as well as povertystricken children in this country) is that they are not vaccinated. They fail to inform you that many of these children live in unsanitary conditions which increase their risk of infection and decrease their bodies’ defenses against diseases. Many of them are undernourished. In EI Salvador, for example, where people are often forced to drink the same water in which their clothes are washed, the number one cause of death in children is diarrhea.

The old era of submitting to the judgment of doctors under the government of the AMA, ADA, NIH, CDC, WHO, HEW and FDA is coming to an end. Many people are beginning to realize that their illnesses are products of man-made external and internal pollution fostered by a profit

The information contained in Ms Marston’s book introduces a gateway to the new era of individual thought, investigation and freedom of attaining and maintaining good health.

Preface by Sue Marston

P iv: Epidemics of infectious diseases have always come and gone, wherever the conditions existed for disease to flourish, throughout recorded history. Despite a belief (one that we have all been carefully trained to accept) that vaccinations “prevent” infectious diseases and epidemics, the facts retrieved from public health records and medical journals indicate otherwise.

It is undeniably true that there has been deliberate suppression of information and fabrication of data to protect a multibillion-dollar-per-year industry: the pharmaceutical-chemical-agribusinessoil- biomedical-research conglomerate. It is readily acknowledged that this conditioning of public opinion has been so successful that some individuals are unable to accept information which contradicts conditioned beliefs about vaccination.

Some say, “But I’ve been vaccinated and I’m healthy.” That, of course, depends on your definition of health and the state of health you are accustomed to. There are various factors involved in maintaining good health. If you live a relatively unstressed existence with reasonably good nutrition, or you are blessed with a particularly hardy immune system and a strong constitution, you may be one of the lucky ones whose only vaccination-initiated healing crises have included colds, ear and throat infections, flu, allergies, etc. But there are many more serious dangers to health which have been shown to be caused by vaccination.

Not everyone who lives in an area sprayed with pesticides feels ill or exhibits symptoms at the time of the spraying or for a long time afterwards, nor does everyone who lives near a chemical dumpsite develop cancer, leukemia, or other symptoms of an impaired immune system.

But, damage is done. The same is true of vaccination.

Some also ask, “Why, if vaccinations are so harmful, and not beneficial, do doctors recommend them and defend them, often vehemently?” We must remember that doctors in medical school are indoctrinated into a belief in vaccination more intensely than the public at large. And the medical schools teaching drug and vaccine “therapy” are generously funded by the petrochemical/pharmaceutical industry.

In addition, doctors who dare question the practice or advise patients against it risk the loss of their medical licenses and their livelihood for having the temerity to “buck the system” set up by the not-so-ethical ruling powers in medicine and politics today. Most people in any profession find it easier to keep their mouths shut and toe the party line, and doctors are only human, too.

PI: The term, “immunization” suggests that immunity to disease is produced by the practice of vaccinating. This is not true, so the word “immunization” is not used in this booklet, except in quotations included from outside sources.

P 26: Some MD’s and DVM’s declare live virus vaccines as the culprit and recommend killed virus vaccines.

The author (Sue Marston) agrees with veterinarian Dr John Saxon that the difference between live and killed virus vaccines is “rather like asking a man about to be hanged whether he would prefer to be dropped six or eight feet!”

Pat McKay: A vaccine that is referred to as a “killed virus” is not really killed in the way we think of the word, killed or dead. From a marketing standpoint, it is a great choice of words because it gives people the feeling that the vaccine is safe. Richard Pitcairn’s definition gives the true meaning.

Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD

Letter dated November 20, 1996

When viruses are “killed” before use as a vaccine this is actually a process of adding a chemical, usually formalin, to inactivate them. This means that they can no longer attach to a cell and infect it. The problem is that the process is not always perfect. Sometimes a few viruses “slip by” and don’t get changed. When this happens the vaccine actually causes the disease it is supposed to prevent and people refer to that lot of vaccine as being “hot.”

Even assuming that this never happened, those of us that work in alternative medicine worry about the influence of not just the physical virus organism, but also that of more subtle aspects of the virus on an energy level. Can we be so certain that the virus has absolutely no effect even if it is altered by a chemical? Can the virus affect the life force of the recipient even when it cannot grow in the cells? These are questions that some of us feel are still not satisfactorily answered.

The modified live virus used in pet inoculations can cause harmful responses. Animals can either have an allergic reaction in which they break out in hives, have diarrhea and/or vomiting or can develop vaccinosis (a reaction of immune system suppression), which can occur ten days to two weeks after a modified live vaccine is given, causing lethargy. Animals are also sensitive to the formaldehyde and other preservatives in vaccines.

The Vaccination Connection by Sue Marston

P 27: In a report titled Current Issues on Vaccine Safety and Efficacy, Dr W Jean Dodds relates that immune-mediated hematologic disease and transient bone marrow failure and leukemias-lymphomas in dogs have been caused increasingly by vaccination with modified live parvovirus and other vaccines. She adds, “Adverse reactions to vaccination have also recently been reported with increasing frequency in cats, especially kittens.”

P 28: An article titled Damage Following Immunization tells us that bloat, stained teeth, ulcers, chronic gastroenteritis and seizures are also being attributed to vaccination and that there is an awakening recognition among veterinarians of the connection between immunizations and various illnesses.

P 27: A picture of Honey Bear, companion cat to Mary Abbey, Santa Paula, California, who received a 3-in-1 kitten shot in 1987 and subsequently experienced convulsions, open sores at the site of the injection, permanent hair loss at the vaccination site and neurological damage.

Sis Sewell’s Healthy Pets Naturally Newsletter March 1994

Vaccinations – An Article by Sue Marston

In my book, The Vaccination Connection, I’ve attempted to condense the facts, myths, lies and cover-ups concerning the practice of vaccination into an easy-to-read reference guide.

The general public’s supportive belief in vaccination has been carefully planned and orchestrated and involves the participation of schools, the media and the medical establishment. The effort has been so successful that a lot of people are afraid not to have their children, their dogs and cats and themselves vaccinated.

The causes of disease include emotional and physical stress (overcrowding, extreme cold or hot temperatures, filthy living conditions) lack of love, loss of habitat, emotional and physical abuse, pesticides (sprays, collars, powders) and other petrochemical products, poor nutrition, polluted water and/or polluted air. When any number of these factors are present, disease will be likely to occur. I have experienced this repeatedly when rescuing fully vaccinated animals from “shelters” and having them display full-blown symptoms of distemper shortly after bringing them home. The only truly successful way to prevent disease is to remove the causes and substitute good nutrition and loving, holistic care. Injecting known poisons and disease in the form of vaccination, not only does not prevent disease, the practice creates new disease, such as cancer, leukemia, heart, liver, kidney and brain damage, seizures, allergies and various other symptoms of immune system malfunction.

The following are individual experiences with vaccinations. Mork was a German Shepherd-mix that I rescued as a pup from a humane society in 1978. He had, of course, received all the “appropriate shots” at the facility. A couple of days after I brought him home, he became ill and was diagnosed with distemper-I knew he had been vaccinated a couple of weeks before falling ill-and asked the veterinarian if shots were of any value. She replied that once an animal’s immune system had developed, it didn’t appear to make any difference: that some animals have strong immune systems and some have weak immune systems, and no amount of shots would help them. It was an interesting observation, and somewhat different from mainstream allopathic thought, if still not quite accurate, for I found out some time later that shots do make an impact, none of it beneficial. But that statement from her was the “authoritative” encouragement I needed to stop vaccinating my dogs. (Mork, by the way, lived to the age of 15 years, remaining vibrant and healthy until two days before his death.)

In 1985, a friend named Maxine rescued a husky mix, approximately ten months of age, dodging traffic in the San Fernando Valley. She took him to the pound in order for his people, if he had any, to claim him. He was given “his Shots” that first day at the impound facility. One week later, after he had not been claimed, Maxine and I bailed him out and I took him home. He got along well with my four other dogs. Three days after arriving at my home, he exhibited the symptoms of distemper and was subsequently diagnosed with the same.

None of my other dogs, who had not been vaccinated in seven years and were now on a natural diet and purified water, became ill. This was a revelation which underscored what I had been reading in the Ruesch books (Slaughter of the Innocent and Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud) and other material. I had been told by veterinarians all my life that if an unvaccinated dog comes in contact with a dog that has distemper, the unvaccinated dog will surely get distemper and, most likely, die. Here was the proof in my own home that this was not true. The husky, whom we named Teddy, did recover and was placed in a loving home.

Maxine had a German Shepherd named Misty. As a puppy she received her shots, including the parvo vaccine. In twenty-four hours she had severe symptoms ofparvo, and she very nearly died. The cost of her intensive care was $1,200.

Maxine did not have her vaccinated again until she and her husband were going on a trip nine years later. Misty was given “her shots” in order to be allowed to stay at the kennel. Maxine and her h us band called the kennel to check on Misty after they had been on the road only a few hours. They learned that Misty had bloated and died. Vaccines are not the only cause of bloat, but they are one of the causes. Of course, food served at kennels is likely to be extremely substandard and the stress that goes with being put in a kennel can do a lot of harm to an animal, particularly a very sensitive animal.

A friend of mine, Gugi, lost her Chihuahua to bloat within hours of his receiving a rabies shot. It has been said that bloat is generally not a condition that occurs in small dogs, but here was an exception, and the vaccination definitely appears to be the cause. After losing her Chihuahua from vaccination, Gugi was understandably hesitant about having any of her other animals shot up. But when she rescued a Pekinese mix, her veterinarian talked her into a rabies shot for it. The dog lapsed into a deep sleep, almost a coma-like state, within hours and remained in that condition for three days.

Maxine’s friend, Regina, rescued a litter of four Labrador retriever pups, got them all their shots, and three months later, they came down with parvo-two of them died.

Jose has a cockapoo that would go into respiratory arrest each time it received a rabies shot and would have to be treated with adrenalin in order to restore breathing.

Finally, when the dog got up in years, Jose and his family refused to subject her to any more rabies shots. The battle that ensued with
the Department of Animal Regulation over not vaccinating the dog ended up with the agreement that the dog would not leave the house or yard at any time, and the family would keep posted in their front window at all times a big “QUARANTINE” sign. This is just a minor example of the fear tactics and strong-arm tactics used to push the practice of “immunization,” which was coined to suggest that vaccines provide immunity to disease, which has never been proved to be true, despite fabricated statistics and frenetic media hype.

W Jean Dodds, DVM – Excerpt from speech, 1988

A fascinating article that a standard poodle client of mine wrote in Dog Fancy a couple of years ago, Bloat, Seizures and Stained Teeth in Standard Poodles, was written by Jean Lyle from Vancouver, a lady who’s been breeding standard poodles for about forty years. There isn’t a standard poodle bloodline in the world that doesn’t come from her inbred breeding stock, worldwide. Anybody who knows standard poodles knows they’re getting all kinds of bloat; they’re getting seizuring more and more often, and she stopped vaccinating with combination vaccines because she said, “Before we did all those combination vaccines we had a little bit of distemper. I’d take care of them with my special home-cooked food and they’d get better. Ever since I started using all these ‘veterinary advances’ my animals got sicker and sicker.”

The other thing she said was that she sold her stock all over the world and in countries where live vaccines are not used as much; Scandinavian countries, European countries, where they tend to cook natural foods for their animals rather than using commercial diets with everything we know we shouldn’t have in them, and the animals don’t seizure like hers do in North America. They don’t bloat the same way and they don’t have stained teeth.

This teeth staining that she’s seen has actually been looked at. It’s hemosiderin (a yellowish-brown pigment as the result of disorders in iron metabolism and the breakdown of red blood cells), a line of hemosiderin deposit in the teeth at a growth phase associated with the timing between vaccinations. I’ve been working with her vet who’s been looking at the teeth and seeing what the staining was. The question is, does it mean anything? The purebred breeders say that in Europe where vaccine practices and nutritional practices are different they don’t have the immunological disease we have in North America.

Wolf Clan

Letter to the Editor – From Laura Alwell

I am writing about Dr Judith Glowicz’s letter in the July 1995 issue of Dog World. I think Dr Dodds is doing a wonderful job. She’s letting dog owners know the truth about vaccine reactions.

You see, I lost my little twelve-and-a-half year-old Buffy to idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura. Buffy died after getting his booster shots. Two weeks after getting the shots, a blister formed at the site of the injection. Then several weeks later, bruises covered his body. Six days later he died from ITP. I wished I would have taken my chances and not vaccinated Buffy at that age. After the years of booster shots he received, I think he was well protected. These vaccine shots have to stress the immune system of older dogs.

Dodds is doing a terrific job. I wish more vets would be like her. I read any article I can find written by Dodds. It’s time our vets tell us the truth about adverse reactions from vaccines.

The New Natural Cat – A Complete Guide For Finicky Owners

by Anitra Frazier with Norma Eckroate P 278:

Modern veterinarians who are holistically oriented now believe that arthritis is caused by a combination of things. As it is an autoimmune disease, we know that it cannot occur unless the immune system has been damaged to the point where the immune response begins attacking the body it is supposed to protect.

This confusion can result from corticosteroid therapy or from giving repeated vaccinations or many different vaccines at the same time or very close together.

Animal Guardian – Excerpt from Vol 8, No 2,1995 – by Michael Lemmon, DVM

In more than thirty years of veterinary experience I have observed a wide variety of reactions to vaccines. I have seen the apparently mild reactions of a mild skin rash or a few days of lethargy ranging all the way to severe convulsions, cancer, and even vaccine-induced anaphylactic death.

I have also seen a great number of vaccinated pets that seemed to be reasonably healthy their entire lives.

But it has been my observation that there has been a greater increase of chronic disease in pets over the past thirty years due in large part to the greater frequency of vaccines given (annual vaccinations) and to the increasing number of diseases vaccinated for at each time vaccines are given.

Vaccines have a very strong effect on the immune system and are being incriminated more and more in chronic immune related diseases such as allergies, autoimmune diseases and injection site cancers in cats. I believe that pet owners should be advised of these potential side effects of vaccines.

The vaccination issue

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