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Ways To Get Rid of Fleas

Depending on the climate you live in, along with keeping pets often comes the constant battle with those little jumping, bitey things called flea. Figuring out how to get rid of fleas in a house can be really difficult. Some of the  home remedies for fleas can be very helpful, especially when you are determined to only use natural pest control.

But you need to make sure you have a systematic approach to flea control if you want long lasting, flea-free home. Because I live in a sub-tropical climate, the humidity and temperature is ideal for fleas to live and thrive. One flea turns into thousands in a very short space of time.

Get Rid Of Fleas - Cat Fleas

Cat Fleas

Because my cats have access to an outside cat enclosure, they are constantly exposed to the fleas and other parasites that are dropped by the passing native animals and also from other peoples free-ranging cats, too. Fleas carry cat tapeworms, so it is in your cats best interests to maintain flea control as best you can.

My approach to flea control is is simply by making a constant and comprehensive, systemic approach to controlling the fleas in house. Vacuuming reduces the numbers greatly. It is actually better if you can vacuum twice, because the noise and vibrations from the first “going over” encourages flea eggs to hatch if they are ready. Then you get them with the second vacuuming.

I used to do a regular flea bomb in the house, because I had found nothing natural that was particularly helpful. However, I absolutely abhor using toxic pest control chemicals, especially as cats lick the paws that have been walking on the treated surfaces. But I have still not been able to find anything that will get rid of fleas that are constantly hatching in the carpet and the soft furnishings

I bathe my cats regularly in a natural, highly alkaline soap that seems to kill fleas, while at the same time actually being therapeutic for the cats. The soap I use is a liquid called Miracle II soap. It is sold by private distributors and it not available in shops, you should be able to find a distributor close to you by Googling it, if you want to buy some.

Miracle II Soap is a product that people actually drink for it’s health benefits. Although they use the one without the sudsing component, which is called Miracle II Neutralizer …  so it is perfectly safe to suds up the cats and leave it on them. Leaving it on seems to provide much better control on cats with fleas, and works a lot better than rinsing it off straight away.

Apart from flea control and bathing cats, Miracle II Soap is a great all-round product to have in your house, as you can use it for cleaning absolutely everything. It comes in a little bottle which you dilute depending on what you want to use it for. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Get Fleas Out of The House!

However, keeping fleas off your pets is well and good … BUT you also need to rid fleas from the home itself. Because the eggs drop into the carpet, soft furnishings and little specks of dust in corners and teeny cracks, fleas can be extremely hard to get rid of, once and for all. Constant vacuuming helps to keep any infestation down, but is not the complete answer.

One of the better home remedies for fleas is an old and quite effective method for catching fleas as they are hatching. You simply place a shallow tray with soapy water in it on the floor. Immediately above it, you put some sort of a small light. The light and the heat from it attract emerging fleas and they jump into the tray of water. The soapy water coats them so they are unable to jump out and they drown.

This is a relatively effective method but doesn’t get all of the fleas. It also is a little difficult to manage (OK it is a LOT difficult to manage), and also to find the right light for it. However, it should not cost you much to give this a try.

The Victor Flea Catcher:

To my delight, I have just found a flea control product called the Victor M230 Ultimate Flea Trap you can see in the picture here below. It works almost the same as the soapy dish method, but is a whole heap easier to manage.

They have rave reviews, and I think from what I can see that they will go a long way towards keeping the flea population under control, if not help me totally get rid of fleas in the home once and for all. It is certainly a much safer, easier and cleaner method than using a pesticide flea bomb!

Click on the picture and check them out for yourself, they are very cheap when compared to any other type of flea control option. And of course the very best thing is that they are totally non-toxic and safe for your kitty! Go here to see this flea product: Victor Flea Trap

Victor Ultimate Flea Trap

The Victor Flea Trap

UPDATE: I am a little stunned at the moment. A few months ago I decided to try something really weird. I made some “orgonite” tags to put on some of the cats with collars. My idea is that the energy in the Orgonite would strengthen the kitties energy and hopefully repel fleas. When I was making the tags, I included some very particular crystals and Radionics.

OK, it was a bit of a long shot, I know but when you are desperate to get rid of fleas – you will try anything. I put the collars with my special “anti-flea” tags onto three cats that live in an enclosure across my lawn, after giving them a bath and de-fleaing the enclosure and housing as best I could. I have terrible trouble keeping fleas away from that area, as there are animals and other peoples cats around.

Anyway, to date there is still not a single flea on the cats! Maybe it is because it is winter, but I will keep you posted on how this works over the summer – because if it does I will be so thankful. Here is a photo of some of my Orgonite flea repeller collar tags:

  Orgonite Flea Tags    

Orgonite Flea Tag

Close up of my flea repeller tag


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