Natural Immunity Chapter 11

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Natural Immunity Why You Should Not Vaccinate

a book by Pat McKay – Chapter 11

Natural Immunity Pat McKay Chapter 11


Art Stratton – Article Written February 1997

A healthy immune system has the ability to keep all invaders out thanks to the protective abilities provided by Mother Nature.

When a vaccine is injected directly into the blood stream, past all the normal immune system defenses, the vaccine has access to all tissues and organs without the shielding of the skin and other protective organs.

In addition, the vaccine tricks the body into believing there is only one particular virus or bacterium, when, actually, there could be many kinds and/or different strains.

Because the immune system is focusing on only one particular one, the body can be overcome by the others. The immune system is designed to discriminate between benign and potentially dangerous antigens. Alien viruses or bacteria purposely injected into the body can fuse with healthy cells and continue to replicate.

In which case, the immune system is likely to either invade  its own cells in an uncontrolled offensive response or ignore the dangers altogether, thus creating minimal healing responses to diseases. This subtle and complete undermining of basic health is the legacy of vaccinations.

IMMUNIZATION – The Reality Behind The Myth

by Walene James

Artificial vs Natural Immunity

Just because you give somebody a vaccine, and maybe get an antibody reaction, doesn’t mean there is an immunity ~ The only true antibodies are those you get naturally. What we’re doing is interfering with a very delicate mechanism that does its own thing.

“If nutrition is correct, it does it in the right way,” says Dr William Howard Hay. “It is nonsense to think that you can inject pus into a little child and in any way improve its health. There is no such thing as immunization, but we sell it under that name.

“If we could by any means build up a natural resistance to disease through these artificial means, I would applaud it to the echo, but we can’t do it. The body has its own methods of defense. These depend on the vitality of the body at the time. If it is vital enough, it will resist all infections; if it isn’t vital enough, it won’t, and you can’t change the vitality of the body for the better by introducing poison of any kind into it.”

Cat and dog owners are usually surprised when I recommend feeding their animals raw meat. When asked “Why?”, I usually respond, “I have never seen a cooked rabbit running around in the woods.”

In other words, cats and dogs eat only raw meat in nature. Raw meat contains enzymes that help cats and dogs digest it. Heat destroys these vital compounds requiring the animal’s pancreas to secrete more of its own enzymes. This pancreatic stress is a precursor for a great number of chronic and acute health problems.

Heat also reduces the water content and alters the protein structure. Therefore, cooking meat makes it much more difficult to digest. Poorly digested food is extremely damaging to health and vitality.

Francis Pottenger, MD, spent ten years working with 900 cats in the 1930s and 40s. He clearly demonstrated that feeding cats cooked meat instead of raw resulted in a tremendous number of health problems ranging from allergies to cancer. Many of the problems were passed on from mothers to kittens (i.e., they appeared genetic.)

“What about parasites and bacteria?” is the next question that comes to the mind of most people. True, heat does destroy these types of organisms. However, healthy cats and dogs have strong, naturally occurring defense mechanisms that destroy these organisms as well.

Feeding cooked meat weakens cats and dogs making them more susceptible to parasites and infections than any source (e.g., tapeworms via fleas). By feeding properly, the animal’s intestinal tract will remain clean and strong. The digestive secretions will be potent and the environment within the bowel will be inhospitable for worms, salmonella, etc. If the environment is not appropriate for infections, they cannot occur.

Also, the whole body, including the immune system, will be healthier as a result of the improved nutrition. A healthier body is more resistant to ALL disease. If good nutrition improves disease resistance, then “Why vaccinate?” is another common question. There is no doubt that vaccinations, especially multiple vaccines given repeatedly, are damaging to the body’s vital healing abilities. I, and many health professionals world-wide, feel that the dangers of vaccine poisoning (vaccinosis, as it is called by homeopaths) have not been adequately assessed or addressed.

Even mainstream, conventional immunology has no explanation for the practice of annual boosters. Cats that succumb to feline distemper, for example, would be the weaker members of the population. This is part of the natural selection process. The end result is a strengthening of the genetic pool. Of course, none of us want to think our cat is not “fit.” The price we have paid for saving these animals is a tremendous amount of chronic illness and suffering.

I firmly believe that poor nutrition and vaccination are the primary causes of almost all of the chronic and most of the acute health problems that affect animals today. If the nutritional status of our beloved companions was optimized, the number of animals succumbing to infectious diseases would decrease dramatically over a period of three to four generations which would virtually eliminate the pressure to develop and promote vaccines.

Vaccination:  The Medical Assault on the Immune System

by Viera Scheibner, PhD

The body has the proper, natural mechanisms to create immunity to diseases. The diseases themselves are the challenging mechanisms of the maturation process leading to the competence of the immune system.

In other words, it is very beneficial for our animals to be exposed to diseases when they are puppies and kittens. This is part of Mother Nature’s process of building and developing a healthy system.


The fanaticism fed by ignorance, irrational fear of illness and greed are the moving forces behind the ritual of vaccination.

P xx: It is absurd to set out to eradicate infectious diseases which play an important role in the maturation of the immune systems of our children. It has been documented in medical literature that people who contracted cancer and other chronic degenerative diseases in later years have  remarkably few infectious diseases of childhood to report. A  proper development of rash during such infectious diseases  as measles is apparently important for the prevention of cancer and other serious diseases in later life.

P xxi: Autoimmune diseases like asthma, lupus, erythematosus or eczema also either disappeared or greatly improved after the child contracted and overcame measles. They also questioned the wisdom of relentlessly trying to suppress natural expressions like fever instead of recognizing its importance in the natural healing process.

Also, infectious diseases represent important developmental milestones in children.

Perhaps the most important of all good reasons to accept the infectious diseases of childhood is a well documented fact that the immune system must be primed and challenged in young individuals if it is to function properly and protect the individual against the far worse autoimmune diseases of later life, such as cancer.

Murder By Injection – by Eustace Mullins

In 1948, Dr Sandler, who was then serving as nutritional expert at the US Veterans Administration Hospital in Oteen, North Carolina, became alarmed at the enormous amounts of heavily sugared drinks, candy and other sweets which were being consumed by children during the hot summer months, at the same time that polio became epidemic each year.

He conducted tests which led him to the conclusion that the children’s consumption of sugar had a direct relation to the virulence of the polio outbreaks.

He then issued an urgent warning to parents to ban consumption of any refined sugar product, particularly candy, soft drinks and ice cream during the summer months.

The result of Dr Sandler’s campaign was that the number of polio cases dropped in North Carolina 90 percent in a single year, from 2,498 in 1948, to only 229 in 1949.

Aroused by the effect that Dr Sandler’s warning campaign had had on their summer sales in North Carolina, the soft drink distributors and the candy manufacturers came in the following year with a statewide promotional campaign, featuring free samples and other promotions.

By 1950, the polio toll had risen once more to its 1948 level.

What happened to Dr Sandler? A study of North Carolina publications shows no further mention of him or his program.

The Natural Remedy Book for Dogs & Cats – by Diane Stein

For an animal with any disease, including those induced by vaccinosis, building the immune system is central which means providing full nutrition. The autoimmune diseases also require as few toxins and contaminants in the food and environment as possible. The optimal diet with supplements is designed for full health and strong immunity in any situation.

The Complete Herbal Book for the Dog by Juliette de Bairacli Levy … states that she personally has no use for vaccinations whatsoever for her animals or her children. During her travels with her young children and her dogs who accompanied her and were exposed to numerous new contagious ailments, the only protection which she desired for them was the all-round protection of good health resulting from careful daily diet of good, whole, natural foods, mostly eaten raw – as Nature intended for people and animals – and also the use of disinfectant herbs.

The Vaccination Connection by Sue Marston … states that she has known of many vaccinated, as well as un-vaccinated, domestic animals which came down with diseases such as parvo, distemper and feline leukemia.

She has also observed the high resistance to disease in animals fed a pure, natural diet, given clean, purified water and kept away from pesticides and vaccines.

Cat Care, Naturally by Celeste Yarnall

We can have healthy animals simply by making lifestyle changes to fresh raw foods, purified water, natural supplements, fresh air, regular exercise, proper hygiene, reduced exposure to stress and pollutants. With this regimen, who would need vaccines?

Pat McKay: Animals have been around for millions of years and got along just fine before man came up with the idea of injecting viruses, bacteria, drugs and other poisons directly into the body.

The allopathic community feels they know better than God. Our creator has already provided every living being with the greatest protection of all-an immune system. The reason we have the disorders, disabilities and diseases that exist in the world today is because we abuse that system.

In general, our animals are presently in a poor state of health due to ignorance, apathy, greed, negligence in some cases and overindulgence in others, all of which lead to processed food, abuse of drugs and poisons; consequently, resulting in the suffering of animals and people.

Only we, the guardians or our animals and children, can turn this around.

Give this book to a friend, a relative, your veterinarian, your pediatrician or anyone who may not even be aware of the serious consequences of vaccines.

Educate yourself and others about fresh raw foods, natural supplements, regular exercise, proper hygiene, purified water and natural health care for happy, healthy people and animals–which brings us back to where we started:


Natural Immunity Book - Pat McKay


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