Natural Vaccines for Cats

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I Use Natural Vaccines for Cats:

How to  give homeopathic remedies to your cat.

As a cat breeder, I use Homeopathic Nosodes for cats, for both prophylaxis (homeopathic vaccination) and also for treatment of symptoms if necessary. The Nosode in particular I use is Feline URI 30C which is for prevention of (and treatment of symptoms of) Upper Respiratory Infections, including Calici virus, Feline Herpes (cat flu), Feline Infectious Enteritis/Panleucopenia, and Chlamydia.

This Feline URI Nosode remedy is made from the cat vaccine itself, and imparts the energy of the cat diseases to help the body defend against them, but it does not have the chemical additives that are in the actual vaccine.

As for dosage, I generally follow the protocol as suggested by Irene de Villiers, which can be read on her website: Furry Boots

Natural Vaccines for Cats

Homeopathic Remedies

What exactly is a Nosode?

In very simple terms, a Nosode is a homeopathic remedy which is prepared from a pathological (disease) specimen.

Technically the Feline URI is actually NOT usually a Nosode – rather it is an isode, because it is not prepared from disease material, but rather from chemical Feline Vaccines themselves.

The vaccines however, ARE made from disease material, and therefore still impart the energy of the disease to the homeopathic preparation.

There is much debate and taking of sides in the homeopathic community as to whether Nosodes are effective and if they are even safe.

  • Some believe that Nosodes by imparting the energy of the disease, raise resistance to the disease for future reference by the body.
  • Others believe Nosodes should only be used once infection has occurred, or else for a population suffering under an epidemic.

I personally believe that by doing my best to keep my cat’s immune systems as healthy and functional as possible, that they should handle most challenges with relative ease. If they do pick something up, then it is fairly easily treatable using homeopathy and natural remedies. Especially when the cat have a strong immune system to start with.

I don’t expect using Nosodes (natural vaccines for cats) to completely prevent any infection, however I do believe that they strongly enhance immune response. And the dangers of stimulating an autoimmune disease is too high.

Strengthen Your Cat’s Immune System Naturally

You should also consider how to support the immune system naturally. Choose a safe, effective option that will not interfere with anything your vet may have prescribed – to me an immune system booster is a no-brainer.

How To Give Homeopathic Drops To Your Cat Safely

Tips on Using Homeopathic Remedies

With Homeopathic remedies, the idea is not for them to be swallowed, but doesn’t matter if they do. The important thing is that the remedy just needs to contact the mucous membranes.

So for example, you can drizzle your cat remedies on to her gums when she is asleep, or just drop into the corner of her mouth.

The photo pictured above, is me dosing one of my own cats. It is very easy, and can be done it the middle of a petting session – no drama! I usually pop the bottle into my bra first (yes) to make it body temperature! So there is pretty much nothing for the cat to react to at all.

I make up all my cat homeopathic remedies as needed, by energizing the small pillules in water, with no alcohol. Alcohol is present in bought aqueous homeopathic remedies and is needed to preserve them.

This way it only tastes like water and cats don’t object to it.

However, this also means your made-up remedy probably won’t last very long. You will need to make a fresh batch every few days if continuing the same remedy.

Or even better … You can ask a Professional Homeopath to also make remedies up with no alcohol for you, as required.

Care of Homeopathic Remedies:

Some Homeopaths believe remedies are very vulnerable to outside influences. Others say they are tough and sturdy. I personally prefer to take the safe road, I treat my remedies with great care and follow the recommendations below.

Don’t touch homeopathic remedies with fingers, if using pellets – gently tap one into the lid of the vial then tip into your water or directly into the mouth – which ever way of dosing you have chosen.

Don’t store in fridge. Store in a cupboard, away from heat and light and preferably at least 1 meter from electrical appliances and wiring inside the walls, computers, mobile phones etc.

Keep away from strong magnetic fields.

And be careful where you put it when using the dropper – it’s is REALLY easy to knock the little dropper bottle over and spill it!

If you would like more info on Homeopathy, there are some great links on my Homeopathy page, including free books you can read online or download.



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