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Try Rescue Remedy For Cats Emotional Relaxation

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for cats is actually the same mix of Bach Flower essences used for any other animal. As well as us humans too. It is a special emergency remedy for use in stressful situations – for calming and relaxing. It is an anxiety reliever for pets

It is a very safe form of natural, stress relief for pets that comes in an alcohol free formula. Rescue Remedy has been recommended by veterinarians for animals world wide, as an emergency remedy to help calm pets in all kinds of stressful situations.

Bach Flower Remedies were developed more than 60 years ago by Dr Edward Bach. There is a whole set of 38 different Bach Remedies that are made from the essences of flowers. Each remedy has a specific action on emotions. Check the list at the bottom of this page – for each Essence’s emotional issue.

RESCUE Remedy can be used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation,or when your pet needs help overcoming a variety of emotional or behavioral problems.

Rescue Remedy can help your pet with:

Visits to the vet, Fear of Loud Noises, Excessive barking or hissing, Shock, Trauma or Mistreatment, Loss of Companion, Separation Anxiety, Adapting to New Surroundings.

Rescue Remedy is suitable for use on pets of all shapes and sizes.

Rescue Remedy For Cats. How to dose Bach Flower Remedies to your cat.

Cat Rescue Remedy For Relaxing Your Feline

As a natural treatment made from the essences of flowers, Bach Rescue Remedy is safe and effective for use on nervous cats, fearful cats, angry cats … And those who just need a little extra help at times. It is safe for use on cats and kittens of all ages.

Rescue Remedy does exactly what it’s name means. It “rescues”. What this means is – when any emotion is at an extreme level – that is when Rescue Remedy works the best. The emotion may be shock, fear, terror, distress, grief, anger etc.

Rescue Remedy For Cats is a Special Mix of These 5 particular Flower Essences:

  • Rock Rose for terror and panic
  • Impatiens for irritation and impatience
  • Clematis for inattentiveness
  • Star of Bethlehem for shock
  • Cherry Plum for irrational thoughts

Bach Pet Rescue Remedy specially for pets is still the same formulation used in the people Rescue Remedy.

However, it does not contain any alcohol, which makes it almost no problem to give to any animal – cats included.

And you probably know that administering stuff to some cats … well it can be a little “problematic” to say the least!

How Do I Give My Cat Rescue Remedy?

Kitten Relaxing with Rescue Remedy

Just as when using homeopathy for cats, the Bach Remedies can be applied directly to the cat’s mouth, wiped over her fur or bedding, added to drinking water, or even sprayed into the air.

The Bach Flower Remedies are incredibly easy to use and your cat should not react badly to it being applied.

To treat your cat is extremely easy to do. The easiest way is to simply add 2 drops into your cat’s water. Or you may administer it to the cat’s mouth by eyedropper. You can even rub some into her fur, especially around her muzzle area.

Another good place, if your cat doesn’t object too much is to administer drops to the skin on the inside of her ear flap. This area has many blood vessels very close to the surface and absorbs quickly into the bloodstream.

How Long Does Rescue Remedy Last?

Rescue Remedy can be given as often as needed. How long it lasts will depend on the individual cat, and on the circumstances. In cases of extreme shock for example, initially it may be needed every few minutes. As you observe your cat, you will see if she seems to need another dose.

Gradually, the requirement for the remedy will be less frequent and taper off. Let your cat’s behavior guide you as to the frequency of dosage.

Keep in mind the you absolutely cannot overdose with Rescue Remedy. So you can safely give it to your cat as often as needed.

Rescue Remedy For Cats Side Effects?

Well, there are no ill side effects, actually. These remedies are incredibly safe. If the animal has no use for the energy – then it will not be absorbed.

The “for Pets” Rescue Remedy is preserved in Glycerin – not alcohol.

Rescue Remedy For Pets Where To Buy?

It comes in two sizes 10 & 20 ml. Pictured to the right is the 20 ml Liquid Pet Rescue Remedy, with a link to purchase or just to find out a little more about the remedy.

Click the image to where you can buy Rescue Remedy online – safely, and have it sent out to you quickly.

Where Do You Buy Rescue Remedy For Cats

Rescue Remedy Spray For Cats

Yes, Rescue Remedy comes in a spray too. I actually do not recommend using the Rescue Remedy Spray for cats directly onto the kitty. I find that most cats dislike (probably far too mild a word!) any type of spray being directed at them.

Rescue Remedy Spray For CatsSo, just the process of getting the spray onto them may make the situation a whole lot worse than it already is!

However, you can use the Rescue Remedy spray on your cat’s bedding. Or spray a cloth to wipe over her fur. This is a much better way than trying to just spray the cat.

Rescue Remedy Spray is also very good to use as a “misting” treatment. By that I mean by spraying it into the air in a closed room. Or spraying the inside of your cat’s carrier before putting her inside it.

Even vets around the world recommend using Rescue Remedy, and this use by misting an area is extremely effective – surprisingly so. One bonus by using the room misting option, it that the people in the room get the benefit from it, as well!

Dealing with fractious or upset cats will often cause anxiety in their owners, so why not use the Rescue Remedy for everyone, to tone down the reactions and emotional highs?

Using Rescue Remedy For Cats

This Bach Flower Remedies For Cats book is very good for learning not only all about Bach Flowers themselves, but it also goes into various cat behavior problems and solutions. It is a very helpful book for any cat owner who is wanting to learn how to deal with cat behavior issues in a natural way.

Bach Flower Remedies For Cats BookOne owner of this book left a review saying: ” …The book is beautifully written: clear, concise, easy to work with, and provides such helpful information one can get started immediately.

Thanks to the information and ease of access, my kitty has revived considerably and seems likely to stick around for a while longer.” Mh Cliver

From the description: “Cat owners can care for their felines from kitten-hood to old age through a safe and natural system using the flower remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s.

This book explores how this healing therapy treats ailments with different flora and can be applied to cats to ease their mental stress, worry, and other emotional problems.

Individuals can gain a closer understanding with their cats and spare them from unnecessary medications and drugs in the process.

The book delves into the background of the 38 different Bach flower remedies and their applications in animal health, and it also addresses commonly asked questions about cat behavior.”

All About Bach Rescue Remedy

Although this is not about cats, the remedy works the same for all species. In this audio on Martha Stewart radio’s “Whole Living” show, Tania Hannan and Terri Trespicio discussed Rescue Remedy, Rescue Sleep, and Bach Flower Remedies.

You can see what a great product this is to have available in your home. You never know when you or your family may need it, let alone your cat! Enjoy the video …



Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Rescue RemedyThis is the “Human” Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

This is the normal Rescue Remedy Spray that is for use in humans. The only difference from the rescue remedy for cats and other pets is that this product has alcohol for a preservative in it. The selection of flower essences is the same.

Bach Flower Remedies are a “vibration” medicine. They treat the energy of the patient. Because of this they can be particularly helpful in many different situations and usually have quite a remarkable and almost immediate effect.

Bach Flowers are so safe that they can be used even with teeny babies, and also for women who are pregnant. They have been used for many, many years now all around the world with great success.

The beauty of the Bach Flowers are that they are so simply to administer in an instant and work beautifully, without and unwelcome side-effects.

Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Books

Recommended books on the “what” “how” and “why” of using Bach Flower Remedies for people and pets, including rescue remedy for cats. Once you start looking into what these remedies can be used for, you may find you cannot get enough information – as I did, myself.

 Animals Have Feelings, Too: Bach Flower Remedies for Cats and Dogs Bach Flower Remedies: A Beginners Guide Bach Flower Remedies For Animals Bach Flower Remedies For Women


List Of 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Below is the complete list of the 38 Remedies. You can purchase any of the individual essences here

  • Agrimony: Mental anguish behind a “brave face”.
  • Aspen: Vague unknown fears. Anxiety & apprehension.
  • Beech: Critical & intolerant of others.
  • Cerato: Unable to make decisions without advice from others.
  • Centaury: Unable to say “no.”  Easily imposed on.
  • Chamomile: A soothing essence used anytime calming is needed. Used for nervous, agitated or impatient people.
  • Cherry Plum: Fear losing control of thoughts & actions.
  • Chestnut Bud: Needs to learn by experience; repeats same mistakes over & over.
  • Chicory: Always knows just what’s “right” for others. Possessive.
  • Cosmos: Unfocused, disorganized communication; overexcited speech, overwhelmed by too many ideas
  • Clematis: Dreamy, absentminded, lack of attention & concentration.
  • Crab Apple: Poor physical self-image. Feelings of shame & uncleanliness.
  • Elm: Temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by responsibilities.
  • Gentian: Easily discouraged, often with self-doubt. Pessimistic.
  • Golden Yarrow: Over-sensitivity to one’s social surroundings, resulting in social isolation, or a false social persona; dependence on drugs for protection or social masking
  • Gorse: Hopelessness & despair.
  • Heather: Obsessed with own troubles; over-talkative, unhappy when alone.
  • Holly: Suspicious, envious, vengeful; those who hate.
  • Honeysuckle: Dwells in the past, of what was, and could have been.
  • Hornbeam: Tiredness & fatigue; gets things done, but feels need to be strengthened.
  • Impatiens: Impatient, fast paced, irritable
  • Larch: Lack of self-confidence; anticipates failure.
  • Mimulus: Fear of known things; heights, the dark, being alone, etc.
  • Mustard: Deep gloom, which comes and goes. Melancholia.
  • Oak: Workaholic. Nose to grindstone syndrome, can neglect own, & needs of those close.
  • Olive: Complete exhaustion; weariness.
  • Pine: Dissatisfied with own accomplishments; feelings of guilt. Perfectionist.
  • Red Chestnut: Over-concern & worry for others, fearing the worst may happen.
  • Rock Rose: Terror, extreme fright & panic. Nightmares.
  • Rock Water: Over-rigid, strict adherence to a particular belief or lifestyle.
  • Scleranthus: Indecisiveness, forever in between choices.
  • Star of Bethlehem: Past traumas not fully recovered from.
  • Sweet Chestnut: Extreme anguish; having reached the limits of one’s endurance.
  • Tiger Lily: Overly aggressive “yang” forces, excessive competition rather than cooperation
  • Vervain: “Must always be right.” High strung philosophizer easily incensed by injustices.
  • Vine: Natural leaders; in extreme can be dominating & tyrannical.
  • Yarrow: Extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity
  • Walnut: Stabilizes during periods of transition, eases process of letting go and beginning anew.
  • Water Violet: Loners, proud & aloof; result, difficulty developing close relationships.
  • Wild Oat: Dissatisfied with career but undecided what else to do; feeling that life is passing by.
  • Wild Rose: Resigned to circumstances; indifferent & apathetic.
  • Willow: Resentment & bitterness at having been treated unfairly.

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