Walk Your Cat On A Leash?

Understand Your Cat

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Walk Your Cat On A Leash?

Well, no actually this page is to show cats how to walk their humans! I just wanted to share this extremely well done video.

Please let your cats watch this short clip – so they can take complete control over you and teach you how to walk on a leash correctly! 


Walk Your Cat On A Leash


Please enjoy the video …




Like To Walk Your Own Cat?

Keep in mind that your cat will most likely take a little “acclimatizing” to wearing a harness. Some cats will take to wearing a harness and leash as if they have always worn one and will not be phased one little bit.

However, other cats will panic, leap around and try to get rid of the “thing” that has a hold of them.

Introduce her to it by putting it on when she is in an enclosed space with nothing she can hurt herself on if she panics.

Lots of reassuring words and cuddles may be needed at first. Play it by ear as to how your cat is reacting to something strange having a tight grip on her. Just leave the harness on for a few minutes the first time, and lengthen it each time.

Soon you will be able to walk your cat on a lease any where (well, maybe!)

Walk Your Cat Harness

Cat Harness and Leash

How To Walk A Cat On A Leash

This video of Pet-Care Advisor Valerie explains and demonstrates how to walk your cat using a harness and leash. Valerie’s Pixie-Bob cat, Stevie helps out.




SAFETY FIRST: When you are out walking your cat, ALWAYS keep an eye out for other (nasty) cats and be especially alert for loose dogs! Be prepared to grab her up and keep her safe if necessary.

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